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As Freelance Senior designer I was working on the women's and men's accessories collections
at DVN.
Researching shapes, volumes, developing leathers with Italian tanneries with the RTW collection prints and designs, developing trimmings with companies in India, Italy and Mongolia for special show pieces.
Designing bags, SLG and belts for the collection and show. Preparing artworks and mock up samples, material research and construction proposals.
Sourcing leather and tanneries for the collection pieces, ordering materials, coordinating the sample making and SMS production.
Preparing the files for the production and checking technical problems on the samples.
Preparing sales books, collection overviews and coordinating information with the RTW, stylist and sales and production department at DVN.
Going on factory trips regularly to India and Italy. Overseeing sampling and bag embroideries, coordinating sample shipments and material shipments.
Designing special items for the MET GALA in NY, ISETAN Tokyo and LE BONNE MARCHÉ in Paris.

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